About Me

Welcome to Mom By Faith.  I’m Becky.  Thanks for stopping by!

Hold on a minute Bec.  Is this one of those “Mom” blogs where I’m going to feel under qualified and guilty while I view your amazing Pinterest-esk home and the incredible daily activities you’ve created for your children?

Um, no (snort of laughter at this thought...I’m SO not “that mom”).  But it’s the role and title that most defines me at this season of my life.  And it’s the role that God has and continues to use to change me most from the inside out.  

Here at Mom By Faith you won’t find a lot of “fluff”.  I love reading food blogs (making bread is one of my favorite things to do) and DIY blogs and even the occasional homeschool blog.  That’s not me right now.  It’s good for me to dabble in occasionally because I can get TOO serious, but more on that later…

Mom By Faith is essentially for women… not JUST moms… but women who are tired of the status quo, women who are seeking more, women who are actively searching for how to pursue the Lord’s purpose for their lives.  

God has used a lot of different things in my journey as He has continued to refine me and hone my gifts and talents to be used of Him.  After graduating with a social work degree, I spent the first 5 years of my married life becoming a mommy to two sweet girls while my husband and I prepared ourselves for the mission field… a story that is incredible to hear and still amazes me.  I hit the mission field completely naive as to what I would encounter and after 5 years returned to the US a very different woman with a very different perspective on essentials, “stuff”, and the way I “do” life.  

I have a heart for truth, a heart for women, and an urgency to help us get up and moving towards authentic, Kingdom-purposed living.  This blog is the answer to HOW to share that heart with more women, in places I could never reach otherwise.

I’d love to sit down with you over a cup of coffee… but since that’s not likely, I’d love for you to join me on this journey.  Follow me on Twitter and Instagram and be sure to subscribe here so you don’t miss anything!