Finding Your Niche - Question 6

As I sit here typing away under my afghan watching the 1996 rendition of "Twister" on SYFY, my husband is giving me snow accumulation updates every time he gets up to grab another munchie from the kitchen.

Snowmaggedon 2016 is here.  

Well, the milk is in the fridge.  The bread is on top of the fridge.  Apparantly, we need nothing else.  

So, let's move on with question #6.  
What are some things that make you different, make you feel weird, make you not feel like you fit in?

  • I'm in ministry.  My life runs around our ministry schedule, which is nearly non-existent as a "schedule".  
  • I don't like "stuff", I don't like clutter, I don't really like to "decorate".  
  • I hate greatly dislike gardening and flowers and being outdoors for lengthy periods of time.  
  • We live in an affluent area of the country.  We are not affluent.  At all.  Enough said.
  • Fashion and I... yeah.  I just got my first pair of "ankle boots" and I have no idea how to wear them.  I have 1 pair of skinny jeans and they only work with boots because they're too short.  
  • I always feel just 1 step behind everyone on trends... in movies, in technology, in fashion... etc.
Just one question left.  Then I get to see how it all fits together!  

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