Finding Your Niche - Question 2

Well, I woke up and didn't regret pushing "publish" last night, so we're on the right track. Prayerfully, this process will help me to hone and focus all the pesky writing thoughts flying around in my brain so I can narrow down my blogging and writing.

On to question #2!  (You can catch up on day #1 here.)

2. What do you really like to do, what makes you feel alive?

Oh, what a question this is. Let's see:

  • A quiet cup of coffee while I spend all the uninterrupted time I want with God's Word.
  • Listening to amazing teaching and discussing it with others who are like-minded
  • Refocusing my heart and mind on what is true and on what is real
  • Spending time with women who are seeking truth and want to grow
  • Helping women to find their God-given purpose and potential
  • Sharing what I've learned about living simply so that my time and life are freed to do things that really matter
  • Having deep, heart-level discussions about truth and life and purpose with others
  • Reading and processing (through lots of highlighting!) amazing books
  • Teaching something I am passionate about and watching eyes light up with understanding
I'm definitely seeing a pattern in those answers.  That was off the cuff; the first responses that came into my head.  I will continue to pray through this process that God would define and narrow these things for me.  You can find your own niche through this excersise!  Join me!  

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