It's a hard pill to swallow.  Especially for those of us who are plagued by that ugly monster called PRIDE.

I had a run-in tonight with my 5 (going on 16) year old.  Again.

She was being wild... I didn't want her to... after all, it WAS time for bed and Mommy's "end-of-the-day" cup of tea.

I spanked her out of the blue.

Could I be surprised at the defiance and quick anger that followed?

But Mommy wins with the "Parent" card, right?

Not when the 5 year old pulls out, "Mommy, you're not kind!"

She. was. right.

So... between some repentent tears and explaination of how her actions were disrespectful, despite Mommy's quick temper... we came to a realization, and an agreement.

We both need help.  BIG help.  From the only One who can help us.

We ended praying for one another.  I said, "Let's help each other, ok?"  "How, Mommy?"  "Mmmm... we could pray for each other?  How about that?"  "Ok."

So we bowed our heads and together lifted up our equally stubborn hearts and strong wills.  My little girl prayed that I wouldn't react like I do, and that I would be kind.

I hope she never stops praying that for her mama.

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