Pop Culture from my (probably antiquated) eyes...

At the risk of completely dating myself and sounding like a crazy person... I watched something last night that to me was sad and SUCH an indication of current culture... a culture that makes this mama shiver and pray and seek the Lord's help for training and preparing my girls.  We can't hide from it, we're not going to avoid it, we need to battle it and immerse ourselves in TRUTH.

And sometimes that's incredibly UNpopular and can sound like you're heading for a monastery.

But, so be it.

A friend posted this cover of a popular song on Facebook last night and having a quiet evening, I thought I'd indulge.

SO cute!  And then I realized, being on the mission field and occasionally feeling like I live under a rock when it comes to current events... I had no idea who the original band was for this cover song!  SO... I looked for "One Direction" on YouTube.

My first thought on their video "What Makes You Beautiful" was, "SERIOUSLY?!  These are children!!! Where are their mothers?!?!"  (Told you I was about to date myself...)

My second thought was... "Wonder what their other music is like?"

The more music videos I looked at, the more saddened I became.  I heard amazing music and harmonies (really, their music is SOOO fun!  Reminds me of my days with Hanson and N'Sync... oh boy.. the dating myself thing again...)

Then I listened well to the lyrics.  Check these lines out...

(From their song "Live While We're Young")
Lets go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sun. 
I know we've only met but let's pretend it's love. 
And never, never, never stop for anyone. 
Tonight let's get some. 
And live while we're young.

(From their song "Truly, Madly, Deeply")
I hope I’m not a casualty 
I hope you won’t get up and leave 
Might not mean that much to you 
But to me it’s everything 

I was reading an article about the band and a critic said he was glad to see that there was still a "market" for "wholesome, parent-friendly, cute boys advocating puppy love".

Wow.  So this is what puppy love is like nowadays?  What happened to holding hands on the ferris wheel?

Ok... I'm going to stop the rant, I promise.

So you're thinking, "Ok, so she will never-in-a-million-years let her girls listen to things like this."
You bet your bottom dollar I will.  

I want them to hear this stuff (when they are mature enough to understand it) and to dissect it with them and show them, according to all their Daddy and I are teaching them, about who God made them to be and what He purposed a relationship between a man and a woman to be like.

One of the prayers that I pray for my girls often is that they will be free from the deception of our enemy that suggests life and happiness in physical (and most definitely emotional) promescuity.

Are you wondering where this crazy mommy rant is coming from?  

I was sucked into this as a teenager.  Hard.  Praise God I never dipped in physical promescutiy, but you better believe I was an emotional train-wreck.  I believed the lie.  I looked for happiness and security and fulfillment in guys.  A lot of them.

Finally, I read the lyrics for their song "One Thing".
"I don't, I don't, don't know what it is 
But I need that one thing 
And you've got that one thing "

It was the title that got me.

It took me to a verse where the Savior who died to give us FREEDOM and TRUTH from all the world's lies shared His heart.  Jesus is eating at the home of Mary and Martha and Martha is all bent-out-of-shape because Mary won't help her with what she feels is important... Jesus answers her with these words:

"...but ONE THING is necessary. Mary has made the right choice, and it will not be taken away from her."  

Oh, I pray and hope that my girls will find that ONE THING.  I DO know what it is... and it has made all the difference.  
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