Well, we are T-4 weeks from our 3 month "home assignment" in the States.  The girls are THRILLED that they will get to spend the holidays with grandparents and cousins as well as see some good 'ol SNOW!  (I could leave that part out... at least after Christmas).  

And now begins the inevitable... PACKING.  Ug.  I tend to WAAAYYYY overpack.  Thinking "but what if I don't have that... what will I do?!?!?"  And then it's the horrendous temptation while we're there to FILL bins and trunks and suitcases with STUFF to come back again.  

I can tell you... I'm tired of doing this!

I stumbled upon Project 333 this morning and it's SO exciting to me to think about paring down and making sense of the STUFF.  Not just in the packing process to GO... but in the spending and hoarding to come BACK.  

On the mission field, it's a HARD task to not feel "deprived" and be frustrated at that "ONE THING" you just can't get in your host country.  

OH to have some borax laundry soap...

Instead, my goal is to only take 2 suitcases on the way (plus 1 duffle with Christmas presents for family and friends), and to bring back 6 suitcases plus minimal carryons.  Last time we came back with 12 bags.  TWELVE.  This is a big goal for me... we'll see how I do!!!  :-)
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