At the end of the day today, the house was a disaster.  I'm in the midst of purchasing some new furniture so my house is torn apart, waiting for those "key pieces".

My kids all woke up at 5:30AM today and I barely had time to get my coffee in before they were all asking for breakfast and the baby was crying for her second diaper change of the morning.

I had to take more than a dozen cloth diapers outside and hose them off before I could wash them... we're working on solid foods...

The floor hasn't been mopped properly in nearly 4 days (here where we live it is essential to mop the house EVERY day).

My big girls spent an hour playing happily upstairs, and I found out later it was because they were in the bathroom "swimming" in the baby's tub... which tracked mud and dampness all over the upstairs.

The baby woke up from her afternoon nap cranky and made it nearly impossible for me to get a quick spaghetti meal on the table by dinner time.

Then I see those faces in the picture above and I'm reminded... 

This is not the season of my life for a perfectly manicured lawn, a gormet kitchen to prepare 5-star restaurant foods, or even a well-ogranized home.  It's the season for me to love my children and teach them about the God who loves them more than life itself.  

The house will still be here tomorrow...

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