It's been... a while.

Ok, a ridiculously long time.  I gave up blogging, honestly.  Recently, there have been a few themes and moments when I thought, "Man, I wish I was still blogging so I could just write about that!"  So, I'm going to start up again... not that I can remember any of those things!

For a quick update (to no one in particular... I just like writing and have NO clue if anyone actually reads my blog, but it's a fun hobby anyway...), here's what's been happening in my life the past year:

  1. Firefly entered into an MK school for the 2nd half of their year and completed kindergarten after being homeschooled with me.  She LOVED it and, while I was apprehensive at sending her, it's been great and she has thrived in her ability to read and in her independence.  Now she is in first grade, about to enter the 2nd half to finish out the year.  
  2. Ladybug has had a tough year... not for any particular reason, other than that she is 4.  She is such an independent and strong-willed girl and her daddy and I have had a time of it establishing just WHO is in charge around here!  But, we have seen great results from our consistency in discipline and it appears that she is turning a corner.  As she is approaching her 5th birthday, we can see her thinking through things more and maturing past the temper tantrums.  She is currently still 4, but I have been homeschooling her in kindergarten since November and she is doing amazingly well.  She began to read last fall, and I could see that if I showed her the runway, she would take off!  Indeed, she has.  I anticipate that in August when we're ready to begin a new school year, she will probably be ready for some solid first-grade work.  
  3. We have a new "bug" in the house!  The Lord blessed us with a (super big) surprise pregnancy last May and once we adjusted our thinking we excitedly awaited the birth of our 3rd daughter.  As with Firefly and Ladybug, we won't be sharing her real name...but we're going to call her "Caterpillar" here on Mom by Faith and let you know that she is a BEAUTIFUL addition to our family and we are SO thankful that the Lord chose to surprise us!   
  4. As I've taken on the role of Mom during the schooling years, we are prayerfully considering the idea of bringing Firefly back home and homeschooling again with the girls.  Her MK school is wonderful, but it's 2 hours of driving a day and we would like to see our girls more involved with our ministry here at home.  
SO... that's a quick update on the many, many things that are happening here in South America with my family.  As I continue to watch the Lord guide and direct my steps as a wife and mother, I rejoice to say that I do see Him working in me!  I do see myself changing and maturing in the Word and through His Spirit.  I'm so far from being the person that I know He desires me to be, but I also know that He is moving me gracefully and gently towards that person.  He is doing the work, and I am continuing to learn to submit to His potter's hands.  

The blog will be updated and we'll get some new information and pictures up for Caterpillar.  Glad to be back.
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