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Welcome to our first "Missions Monday" here on Mom By Faith!  I'm so excited about this series and I hope that each of you enjoys "meeting" another missionary mom and learning a bit about her corner of the world.

Today I'm beginning with a dear friend with whom I serve on our field in South America.  She is a great mom and a great listener and we've enjoyed many great conversations together as we continue to work and grow in our ministries.  Without further introduction... I'll let Lisa share about herself!
Lisa and her adorable daughter, Elena
Hi Lisa!  Thanks for visiting Mom By Faith today!  Tell us a little about WHO you are...
I am from a variety of places - Vermont, Montreal, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota. I speak 2 languages pretty well and a third kind of well (English, Spanish, and French). I was a scrapbooking consultant in the States, but since moving to {the country where we serve} I just haven't had the time for it, even though I love doing it. I play the piano and I really enjoy writing. My novel is sitting on my computer, though, still waiting for a publisher! Maybe someday... I'm a Mom of a 15mo old and that is the highlight of my life! We look forward to adding more kids to our family as the Lord allows.
Thanks!  Now we'd like to find out a little bit about WHAT you do on the field...
I teach school to 4 {national} children, but I do it all in English. Three of the 4 speak English fairly well. They are in 3 different grades and have 4 different language abilities. During the school year (March-Dec) I teach from 9-5 Monday-Friday. In the mornings, I get to take my daughter with me, which is a blessing and a struggle at the same time! It's very hard to teach with a curious toddler at your feet. ut, I have the joy of having my child with me where most teachers need to rely on daycare. In the afternoons, we have a Bible school student babysit, which is wonderful because it gets Elena used to other people taking care of her and it teaches her Spanish kind of effortlessly. I am also involved in the behind-the-scenes in other ministries. I write puppet skits and regular skits, I write Bible lessons for camps, and I help instruct a lot of the acting as well.
Amazing how God is using you!  WHEN did you accept Christ and WHEN did you arrive on the field?
I accepted the Lord as my Savior when I was 4 years old. I worked with Child Evangelism Fellowship in high school and that's when I knew I wanted to be a missionary full-time. I actually visited BCM {here in this country} for three weeks way back in 2001. This really solidified the desire to serve the Lord as a missionary. I attended Word of Life Quebec where I learned French and studied Bible, then I went on to study Bible at New Tribes Bible Institute in Wisconsin. I met Brian, my husband, there and we were married in 2005. We lived in South Dakota for a few years (where Brian is from) while we searched to see where God would have us. My father visited BCM {here in this country} in 2006 to teach at the Bible school and when he returned, I called him to find out how everyone was doing and how his trip was. He told us there were two positions available and he put our names in, thinking we'd be good for them. They were a maintenance man and a teacher - both exactly what we were interested in doing! We took some time deciding and contacted BCM Int'l and then everything just took. We sold our house in record time (less than 6mos) and moved back to PA in 2007 to be near our sending church and BCM headquarters. We arrived on the field in March of 2009. We've been back to the States once - Dec 2010-March 2011.
What a story!  I love to see how God guides His children through so many different avenues!  Can you also share with us WHERE you are from in the States?
We are currently based out of Scranton, PA, but we split our time with Belle Fourche, SD (10mi from the Wyoming/Montana borders).
That's quite a distance!  I know furlough involves a lot of driving for you guys!  Now, HOW can we pray for you today??
I could really use a helper to join me in the school. There's just too much to do, too many kids to teach, and not enough hands or time in the day for one person! Pray also as I balance being a mom and being in full-time ministry. It seems like if I concentrate on one, the other lags behind and I want to do both to the best of my ability.
I can definitely understand that challenge!  I will be praying for you today and invite all of you reading this interview to take a minute and pray for Lisa and her family!!  

Join us next week for another interview!!!
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