Happy New Year!

3in30 Challenge
What a wonderful time of year.  I love January 1st.  It's... new.  Fresh.  Clean.  A brand new year to begin again.  I have been working through a "goals" worksheet (it's from 2010, but it has REALLY helped me the past 2 years as I decide what to focus on throughout the year) to define a little better my goals for 2012.  I'm working on being more intentional in my daily living.  I'm realizing how short time really is and how much I need to be prepared and purposeful in how I go about my day. 

In efforts to do that, I'm going to jump back on Ashley Pichea's 3in30 community and work on making 3 goals a reality each month.  So... here are my goals for this month, January 2012:
  1. Finish organizing my new household planner... need to finish my year meal plan!
  2. Keep the computer off each night after dinner... this is a CHALLENGE since we just got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and I can jump on Facebook while I'm reading... oh boy.
  3. Finish my 2012 goals worksheet so that I can be focused and intentional each month as I set my goals. 
Those are my 3in30 goals for January!  Updates later this week!
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