Growing up...

One of the hardest and yet most rewarding things about motherhood {in my opinion} is when your kids take a step of growth.  It's SO rewarding to see them maturing and changing, yet it's bittersweet to know that they are growing up.

Recently, Firefly has been asking to have a haircut.  Ladybug thinks that's just about the WORST thing in the world.  Equivalent to cutting off one's own leg.  Firefly is a mover and a shaker.  I'm blessed if she remembers to brush her hair in the morning, much less take time to ask me to fix it in a presentable fashion.  PLUS, as we are here on furlough, we are dealing with the SEVERE dryness of winter.  Static-city!

So, today, my little 5 year old went to the salon where I used to get my hair cut and received her first "professional" do.  She walked out looking about 8 years old between the adorable hair and the 2 missing front teeth.  Where DOES the time go?!  How did we go from this: 

to this?:
I don't understand why it is sideways...I'm having this issue on Facebook too...
They grow up SO quickly.  It is so worth it to disciple my children while they are young... in just a few short years they will be grown and gone.  May my life lead them to the Savior!
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