Here we are at the end of week #2 in january!  It's hard to believe how quickly the month is going!  Yesterday we spent a super fun day at the State Farm Show with my in-laws and my husband's brother and his wife.  Firefly and Ladybug had a GREAT time and we finished up the day with a rodeo!!  Such a great time with family!

Here's my 3in30 Goals for January:

  • Finish organizing my new household planner... need to finish my year meal plan!
  • Keep the computer off each night after dinner... this is a CHALLENGE since we just got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and I can jump on Facebook while I'm reading... oh boy.
  • Finish my 2012 goals worksheet so that I can be focused and intentional each month as I set my goals. 
And here's how I did!
  1. I think the household planner is 80% finished.  I have a few more forms on my laptop that I need to print off and add into the dividers.  I had 1 day to work on it this week and it was the day that DH took the laptop for a meeting at our missions' headquarters.  I DID finish the tab labels for each section.  I will be posting about it as soon as it's finished!
  2. Keep off the computer... first, a confession.  When I posted about last week's goal checkup and how well I had done... AFTER I signed off I realized that it was about 8 o'clock at night!!!  I was posting about success while I was breaking the new rule!  Old habits die HARD.  My apologies for totally being a heretic on that.  This week I had to make 2 exceptions to the after-dinner rule due to incredibly busy days and needing to answer emails from supporters and get information for upcoming meetings the next day.  I didn't feel too badly about those because I "stuck to business" and stayed off Facebook, Pintrest, Google {blog} Reader, etc.  
  3. The goals worksheet is also about 95% done.  There is still 1 question which DH and I are mulling around between us {what intentional Family Time will look like this year}.  I am about finished and will be 3-hole punching it to stick in my Household Notebook as a reference throughout the year.  
I think my focus word for 2012 is "Intentional".  I want all things that I do to reflect the order and wisdom that the Lord has placed in my heart and not make decisions or plans for the day on the fly.  Everything in the house must have a home and every activity must point to the greater goal.  I'm not sure how realistic this is, but that's kind of where I'm aiming.  
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