3in30 January Update #1

3in30 Challenge
Well, the first week of January 2012 is over.  51 weeks left in the year and thankfully, the first week seems to be a good beginning!  Here are the goals that I had set for myself in January:
  • Finish organizing my new household planner... need to finish my year meal plan!
  • Keep the computer off each night after dinner... this is a CHALLENGE since we just got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and I can jump on Facebook while I'm reading... oh boy.
  • Finish my 2012 goals worksheet so that I can be focused and intentional each month as I set my goals. 
And here's how I did!  

  1. Still working on the planner, I did at least open it once this week... also found my Dymo label maker and plan to make the labels for each section this week.
  2. I did not get on the internet ONCE this week.  There was even a night when I wanted to prepare for a class my husband and I were teaching and instead of getting online to copy and paste some verses, I practiced my high school typing skills and typed it out from my bible!  This is still a challenge, but I'm taking it one week at a time... better yet, one day at a time!
  3. I am nearly done with the worksheet.  I worked on it today a bit more.  The plan is to find time with DH this week so we can finish up the questions we need to discuss together.  
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