Where, oh where...

...does the time go?!?!
It's so difficult to keep up with things... really.  I just have to give myself room to NOT be like the super-bloggers out there and spend 3 hours a day working on posts and inviting guest bloggers and using my $5000 camera to take incredible photos.  Haha.  I'm just a "I'll get around to it when I can" sort of blogger... something I'd like to work on as our other blog (the one we use for updating our supporters on ministry) is SADLY behind as well {and for those of you reading this who are expecting a blog post on the other site... be patient please!}

So what's been going on in our household the past 2 months?  Well...

Ica and some of the "moto-taxis" there

  • we visited the city of Ica with our ministry to hold a children's missions conference 
  • spent a good chunk of time working on the planning and presentations for our upcoming trip to the States (which HAPPENS to be in a week and a few days!!!)
  • were excited with Firefly when she discovered that her 2 bottom front teeth began wiggling!
  • worked on and helped to prepare some of the implements and visuals for a 2-week campaign of children's street evangelism programs for the Christmas season.  
  • made a very difficult decision... more below...
It's been a busy 2 months!  Life is just busy right now.  And I work HARD to not allow it to be "overly" so.  You know, the kind of "busy" where you are constantly telling your children, "Mommy's too busy, I'm working, I can't, go ask Daddy, in a little while, maybe tomorrow..."  As a missionary that is SUPER hard not to do!  For that reason, we've made the decision to back off on a few things in the coming year and really work on me being "IN" the home more.  That's a good thing.

So what's the difficult decision?  As I mentioned a while ago, we have been feeling the Lord leading us down another road in regards to the girls' education.  I don't know why, really.  To me, homeschooling is the ultimate option in regards to a quality education as it is so versatile and adjustable to the child's needs.  BUT... it seems that the Lord has opened up another door and we feel that it is one He is leading us to step through.  I've been battling hard with this decision, let me tell you.  The Lord is giving me a peace about it all, step by step, and next year when we get back in March, Firefly will take a new step and head off 3 days a week to a Christian school here.  

This is a picture of the kindergarten class of last year at Firefly's new school.
So... we keep moving forward and trusting in our sweet Savior!  More adventures to come...
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