The King Has Come

A manger probably like the one where Jesus was laid. Photo credit
Merry Christmas!  Last night, our family visited our sending church for the first time in nearly 2 years.  So much has changed... new faces, lack of faces, new pastor... but it was so good to see those whom we have missed!  The Lord is good to bring us back occasionally to where we have come from and remind us of how we got to where we are now. 

The new pastor gave a very thought-provoking devotional... something I have never thought about.  And the Lord showed me something else in my devotions yesterday as well.  We hear so often of how humble Jesus came and how He was a king but was only given a stable and the filth of a manger for His first home. 

But think about this...

He was accesible.  No one had to go through guards and a palace security system to see Him.  The shepherds just walked up.  Ordinary people could come and gaze upon the King without need for a mediator. 

The stable offered Mary and Joseph a safe, quiet, healthy place to give birth and be together for their first moments as a human family.  The inns were crowded and probably filled with dirty, tired people with lots of "traveling germs"... as a missionary mom I can definitely understand this.  Going to a new place one of the most concerning things are the "new germs" that my children will encounter.  Even worse would be sleeping shoulder to shoulder on dirty ground where we couldn't be protected from those illnesses! 

God protected Mary and His Son, and provided access to the King of Kings for all those who wished to come and worship. 

His birth was nothing special... but it changed the world. 

Merry Christmas.
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