Another Miracle.

God. is. just. amazing.  Really.  I don't even have words.  

We found out through several events this year with our national paperwork that my residency status here had expired due to some negligence on the part of border patrol on a 2010 trip.  All the work that we had done to get my papers in order to live here as a missionary was lost.  I had to cancel my residency and "turn in" my national ID, which allowed me to live here past the standard tourist visa.  The issue was that I couldn't do it outside of 15 days before traveling to the US.

This past Monday was our appointment at the Immigrations Office to cancel the paperwork and receive the document I would need to travel to the US without issue.  Otherwise, travel would be a no-go for me.  YIKES!  We are heading back to see family and friends for the first time in 2 years.  I am going to actually spend Christmas with my parents and potentially see SNOW again!  {Just a little, mind you... after that it can go back to 70 degrees, thank you.}

On Monday morning at 7:30, our lawyer called us to say that there was a problem with one of the papers he had prepared to present at the Immigrations Office and that it would take him until Tuesday to correct the problem.

Deep. breath.  ...Ok.

On Tuesday morning at 8:00, our lawyer called us to say that the payment he had to do in the bank was impossible as he discovered the banks were on a 48-hour stand-by and were not performing any transactions.  The earliest possible time would be Friday morning.

Deep. breath.  ...Ok.  {We're supposed to travel on Monday.}

I cannot tell you the struggle which ensued inside of me.  Everything "human" in my heart wanted to go into survival mode... call the US Embassy, call the airline to move our flight one more day to give a cushion, find a way to pay exorbitant amounts of money to the Black Market for a fake id.

Deep. breath.  ....Ok... Lord???

Instead, we began to pray.  We emailed our HUGE prayer support in the US.  We shared with our national friends and our church here.  I knew this was a test.  I knew the enemy wanted to distract and discourage me and take my eyes off the goal of trusting and using this last week to the fullest.  {We are in the midst of a super busy time of Christmas street evangelism programs for children and have 2 events per day.  My entire family, myself included also got the stomach flu this week.  Great.}

Enter today.

We went with a dear friend who drove us to the Immigrations Office {traffic was horrendous and the car's shocks began making crazy noises on the way... enter more prayer}.  Our lawyer met us upstairs and we proceeded immediately to do my cancellation.  The desk clerk asked for all the papers {there were about 12 between all the forms and copies of passports, etc.}.  She asked the lawyer for proof of the payment of something.  Surprised, he handed it to her and turned to me:

"I didn't think that was necessary, but I paid it anyway.  Good thing.  I'm not sure why I paid it?"

I know why.

Then, as we waited, I asked a random question about Firefly's national ID.  Completely unrelated and without concern.  Just was curious about something.  He asked to see it.  Suddenly, the concern washed over his face.

"She doesn't have her 'sticker' {i.e. - her taxes weren't paid this year...}.  You can't travel with this or she'll lose her residency just like you."

We were able to do the paperwork then and there.  The only issue was that my husband had to hand write a letter and sign it.  The letter should have been printed and notarized.  This is a big issue... the lawyer came back from handing in the paperwork and said to me:

"I'm hoping for a miracle."

I knew where we could find one of those...  I began praying again.

20 minutes later, we walked out with my documents, Firefly's documents, and a green light to travel without issues.

Incredible.  I should have known considering the miracle that God performed in my life just 1 week before we came here to Peru.  And I checked the date... it was exactly 23 months ago to the day.  I can deal with a miracle every 2 years.

This is the verse that God gave me during that time:
"Don't be afraid. Just stand still and watch the LORD rescue you today."  Exodus 13:14

Like I said...

God. is. good.
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