Natural Remedies to the Rescue!

Most of my family would call me crazy... at least I would think so.  :-)  But this morning I was awakened before 6am (and subsequently never went back to sleep, it's a nap day...) by Ladybug who appears to have the same cough symptoms (deep, wet, chest barking and fever) as Firefly dealt with yesterday and the day before.  Firefly's fever was up over 102 F, so I'm not going to take this one lying down.  We've been managing the fevers with a little children's Motrin when it's uncomfortably high (I'm a fan of letting the fever take it's course if the kiddo isn't saying anything about it) and trying to rest at home.

BUT... to deal with this seal-like cough, I decided to try some remedies I've been reading about recently.  This may become part of our "normal" in the winter....

While some things are NOT readily available here (crock pots, whole wheat flour, etc.) some things ARE: honey, garlic, onions, lemons, ginger.  We have the perfect combination for a great anti-viral home remedy for coughs and colds.  When I'm tempted to complain about the lack of whole grain products here (I have to pay about $6 for a box of whole grain pasta vs. $.50 for a box of normal... so I DON'T buy whole grain pasta), I can be THANKFUL for the abundance of healthy remedies and fruits/veggies!

So, without further ado, here are the 2 remedies I've got "steeping" on the counter right now.  Oh, by the way, it's 6:49am.

Onion Syrup.  (according to the Natural Mama at Natural Pure Essentials)

Not sure why I have a comb on the counter, and yes, we are celebrating Christmas early...
1 Large Onion
Honey or sugar (I went with honey as DH recently bough a quart of it at the market)
  1. Peel and slice onion about 1/4 inch thick (think slicing bread)
  2. Layer onion with honey or sugar in a cup, one slice at a time until you've used all the onion
  3. Leave the cup covered (especially if you have ants that rule your house like I do...) 4-6 hours
  4. Collect juice that has been extracted from the onion and store the liquid in the fridge for up to 2 days
  5. Take 3-8 teaspoonfuls depending on the intensity of your cough (it's an expectorant which reduces the intensity and frequency of the cough)
  6. You'll need to make a fresh batch every 2 days as it is only effective when it is fresh.  

Garlic Lemonade (from the Rain Garden blog... I don't know if I would endorse this blog, so be careful if you decide to browse)
I actually had to look up online how many cups are in a quart... I've been in the metric system too long!

1 quart boiling water
1-4 garlic cloves peeled (I used 4 of varying sizes)
lemon juice to taste
honey to taste

  1. Let the garlic steep in the boiling water 30 minutes
  2. Serve it warm (I can't imagine this cold...) and add the honey/lemon to taste
  3. Store it in the fridge and heat as needed
  4. Galic is antiviral and antibiotic and this concoction is also an expectorant.  YES!
I'm planning on giving the garlic lemonade as part of breakfast this morning and making a nourishing chicken soup for lunch (ok, nourishing up until the "normal" pasta noodles I'll use...sigh).  My sick kiddos will have another quiet day in the house I think.  Ok, off to check the steeping garlic...

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