Not Back to School BlogHop: A Day in our Life...

Not Back to School Blog Hop
If you really want to see what happens on a daily basis here... check out this post.  But as to showing a more "school oriented" day, here's what we do and when.  Mind you, Firefly is in Kindergarten and Ladybug is in PreK at age 3.  We have no "structured" book work as of yet.  Just fun learning together!  And that happens all day!

{before breakfast}

  • Firefly and I are usually the early risers at our house (sometime between 7 and 7:30).  DH and Ladybug take a while to wake up, so we're up together while I do my quiet time about a 1/2 an hour before the rest wake up all the way.
  • Ladybug is usually my breakfast prep helper and sits on the counter while I make coffee for us and hot cocoa for the girls.
{after breakfast}

  • The girls have a little time to play while I clean up the breakfast dishes and the kitchen.  This usually involves pushing our loveseat and big couch together so they can climb on with their treasures and play together.  I love watching them play.
  • After breakfast cleanup it is chore time for the girls.  They get their chore cards off the hooks and we take about 45 minutes to do all of the cards together.  While this sometimes seems tedious to me, I know that I am training them to be able to help more around the house and someday to take care of their own homes!  
  • The girls continue in their playtime while I get started on the day's work for our ministry.  This usually takes us through the morning until about 11 o'clock.  
{school time for Ladybug}
  • Around 11 o'clock (depending on the day's schedule) I usually take a break from my work and sit down with Ladybug for her school session.  She usually lasts for a good 1/2 hour while I read her B4FIAR book for the week and we do her Letter of the Week activity for the day.
  • During this time Firefly plays by herself in her room or has some time on the computer.
{outdoor time}
  • Even though it is winter here (temperatures in the constant 60s/70s with lots of damp fog and drizzle), I am adament about the fact that my children need to get outdoors each day for some fresh air and playtime!  
  • They are outside playing in our yard or with me (or another caretaker) on the playground until about 12:30.  
  • At 12:30 I try to round the girls up from their play so they can wash hands and tidy up the toys that have been strewn around all morning.  
  • We eat lunch together with about 30 of the Bible Institute students at 1 o'clock each afternoon.  This is the standard lunchtime here, and the biggest meal of the day.  
{school time for Firefly}
  • Upon return from lunch, we have a quiet time before the afternoon "work hours" that brings our house helper from the Bible Institute.  
  • Ladybug usually lays down for a quiet time from 2 until 2:30 or so.  Sometimes she doesn't sleep and simply looks at books.  
  • At this point, I have a focused hour to sit down with Firefly and do her school work. She works on her Math-U-See and her Explode the Code worksheets.  
{the rest of the "un-academic" part of the day}
  • Movie time in the afternoon for the girls (this has replaced naps for Firefly but gives her a time of "resting" and quiet).
  • More outdoor playtime, usually during the sports hour for the Bible Institute students.
  • Eat dinner and do Family Bible Time.
  • Take showers and the like (no bathtubs here).
{bedtime reading}
  • This is one of our favorite parts of the day and nearly ALWAYS happens, despite all the craziness in our schedule.  We read together each night starting at about 8 o'clock for an hour or so.  
  • We work on the First Year list from a Charlotte Mason website as well as our current read aloud.  
  • Each girl picks out a book she would like to read specifically.  Currently, Firefly's choices are usually fairytales (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Goldilocks and the 3 bears, etc.) while Ladybug's current pick is the Beatrix Potter treasury.  
That's what life looks like for us right now.  We will probably be shifting things around come 2012 for the school part of our day... Firefly will be doing some of her subjects in our mission's MK school and some here at home with me.  Ladybug will be going into full-blown P4/5 Sonlight curriculum.

How about you??  I'd love to see your typical school day!!  Head on over to Heart of the Matter's Not-Back-To-School blog hop and join in!
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