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Not Back to School Blog Hop
Even though our school year is still technically in "full-swing" (being in the Southern Hemisphere everything is opposite, including school starting times!) I've already done some planning for next year's curriculum choices.  Here's a quick run-down on what we're currently doing and what we'll be doing for our 2012 year (starts in March, ends in December).

Currently (until December):

Firefly (kindergarten): 
Ladybug (super relaxed PreK... as in, usually doesn't happen)
  • Letter of the Week Curriculum (absolutely WONDERFUL program!!!)
  • Read alouds with Firefly (every night we DO get this done with bedtime reading!)
  • Starfall (she gets 20 minutes a day to explore and learn here!!)
  • Bible Memory work (currently working on Psalm 23)
For our time in the States (Jan-Feb)
For our 2012 school year (tentatively...still praying):

Firefly (1st grade):
  • With me:
    • Language Arts: Lifepac LA Grade 1 (for all those missionary moms out there... Alpha Omega gives a 40% discount to missionaries on the field!!!)
    • Math: Math-U-See Alpha (gives a 50% discount to missionaries on the field!)
    • Music: Piano Wizard (Sonlight gives a 25% discount to missionaries on the field!)
  • At our mission's on-site school (there are no other children in her grade, which is why I am teaching her the important subjects for this stage at home)
Ladybug (PreK):
  • Sonlight P4/5 Core (was blessed to find someone with a complete previous edition set, even to the untouched workbooks, at a great price!!)
  • Music: Piano Wizard

What's missing still is Bible... I'm really struggling with finding a good fit for us with the Bible programs.  I know that it doesn't have to be a "curriculum"... just open the Bible and read and discuss!!!  BUT, with our schedule and hectic lives, if it's not planned out, daily, in a teacher's guide (LOVE Sonlight for this), I won't do it.  That's the truth.  So I'm still praying and searching for that one major piece to the puzzle.  It's ok, I've got time!

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