Not Back to School... Room Week

I am really enjoying the Not Back to School Blog Hop at HeartoftheMatter.  This week, it's all about school rooms!  Check it out!

Last year I went all out and cleared our guest room out to make a school room.  We bought 2 chairs and used 2 end tables for Firefly and Ladybug to sit in.  We made workboxes, we put up the alphabet on the wall, calendar station... etc., etc., etc.  You know what?  We never used it!  SO... as the year has gone on, we've adapted a bit.  Here's the reality of "school life" around here now.  And it's MUCH more doable!
 This is my supply closet!  We just purchased this about 2 months ago and it has revolutionized my organization!

  • The bottom shelf holds our Math-U-See extra manipulatives, the PlayDough box, and paper scraps for crafting.
  • The middle shelf holds the painting and craft supplies and the box of coloring books
  • The top shelf contains the preschool manipulatives and our Letter of the Week curriculum stored in folders.  

 This is my desk and organizing central.  I keep this orange file box as my weekly filing system with folders for each week where I've placed Firefly's workbook and Math-U-See sheets (yes, I rip apart the workbooks). Keeps us on track!  There is a shelf underneath and next to my chair where I keep the girls' pencil boxes and my Xyron laminator.

 This is our wonderful bookshelf.  We bought this as one of our main purchases when we arrived last year.  We brought a TON of books with us and needed a space to store them all!  
  • The bottom shelf (3 cubbies) holds our normal reading books.  The leftmost cubby is for the girls easy readers and Ranger Rick magazines.  The middle is for our twaddle-free literature and the right cubby holds workbooks and our Fruit of the Spirit binders.
  • The middle shelf holds Firefly's Scaredy Cat Reading system books, the girls' writing practice notebooks, folders to put "done" schoolwork, etc.
  • The top shelf (actually the middle shelf of this unit... but the top 1/2 is for DH and I) holds the read alouds and the Year 1 literature selections we are reading through this year.

 On the right side of the bookshelf is where we put our chore cards.  

This is where Firefly does her work.  Above our table is our artwork display.  It's a great way to change out some beautiful decorations each week or so!  
{Confession: Normally her HWT workbook and her weekly folder are stored in my orange file (see above) but this picture was COMPLETELY staged as it is 10:30 at night and my children are both SOUND asleep.}


Heritage of Home said...

Great! Thanks for visiting my blog! I am very blessed to know that you are a missionary! Thank you for working for our Father in Heaven! Praise the Lord Jesus for you!

I love your bookshelves!
Have a blessed school year.

Becky said...

Thanks for such as sweet comment! I LOVE your blog. Appreciate the visit!

Joy said...

Love your homeschooling area!

Becky said...

Thanks Joy! It's great that you stopped by!