3in30 Weekly Checkup

3in30 Challenge

Well... I have to admit I'm struggling a bit this week with the goals.  BUT... that's why we have a month to do it right?

Goals for August
  • Get back on track with a schedule... work up a better plan for a day "flow" rather than a ridgid "schedule".
Well... this one is going alright.  I am getting up on time each day and going from there... school for Firefly is happening consistantly this week, which is a good improvement!  Things are going much more smoothly around the house with a routine!  Imagine that?!?  
  • Limit myself to being on the internet only during the morning, lunch break, and after the girls are in bed at night.  IMPOSSIBLE. HARD.
I think this is going better... but this week has been difficult because I've had a lot of work which involved getting on the internet!  I have been reminded though to stay off of Pintrest and Facebook unnecessarily!  That's am improvement!
  • Memorize at least 4 verses (1 a week) using the cards which have been collecting dust for far too long.
Ahem... FAIL.  It will go much better for me this coming week when I actually make the effort to FIND the cards and put them with my morning devotional... 

Sometimes the goals are like that... 2 steps forward, 1 step back.  And then I remember: I have no one to compare myself to, except for Christ!!!  If I am following in HIS footsteps, and not in the footsteps of my favorite blog authors, or my much more "together" friends... life will simply be as it should be... a daily work of praise to my Savior!

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