3in30 Challenge
Yes, I'm still alive.  Our internet here at our mission's property just isn't very reliable, so I had stopped trying to post and just stuck to what I was able to do with our family's missionary blog.  Recently (ok, it was in April), we got some GREAT internet back after not having any for 3 months.  SO... with Passionate Homemaking's inspiration... I'm going to try to do a little posting again.  As 1 of my 3 goals for the month of July!!!  The other 2?  Well, let's just say I'm still brainstorming.

Firefly and Ladybug are continuing to do great in their 2011 school year.  School here begins in March and runs until right before Christmas.  A very convenient school time-table, in my opinion.  Firefly has already accomplished most of the goals I had set for her during this year.  She is able to read short sentences as well as count to 100, do simple addition (math seems to be a strong point for her), and sit through more advanced books (our book list comes from the Charlotte Mason Help year one booklist).

We recently visited a BEAUTIFUL city a plane ride away for a children's missions conference that we were leading.  It was a wonderful time and the girls did a great job on their first "traveling adventure" for something other than a pleasure trip.  The Lord really allowed us to have a beautiful time together as a family as well as enjoy bringing His Word to the children of this little town up in the jungle.

Firefly and Ladybug also enjoyed a very special visit from some of our friends from our home church in the States.  These wonderful ladies came down for a (very fast!) week to visit and help our wherever they could.  One of the highlights was a ballet class held in our little campus' school 2 of the days they were here.  Our girls LOVE ballet and continue to ask for lessons.  Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any close where we can enroll them.  That's still a prayer request!  But in the meantime, they have a wonderful DVD they use and the occasional visiting ballet friend!

Tomorrow I will try and post the actual plans for the 3 in 30 of July.  Oops... better write it in my planner...
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