Sunday Sick-Day Blog Hop

We are spending a quiet Sunday (well, except for Firefly, who feels the best of all of us and is getting antsy with her cooped-up energy) nursing some nasty colds.  I have enjoyed sitting for some extra time working on some projects and doing a little blog-hopping.

Some fun crochet crafts I found I would like to add to my To-Do List:

  • Crochet Pumpkin... it's hard to find pumpkins here when I would like to decorate in October, despite the fact that we are in shorts and tank-tops.  
  • Cell Phone Cozy... maybe this will help me keep track of my cell phone in my purse!  
  • Cup Cozy... in the winter it's hard to drink my morning tea or coffee before it gets cold.  I'm hopeful this will keep it warmer for longer!
Planning ahead for Firefly and Ladybug's birthday party 2012.  I just got the idea today while I was browsing on Etsy... (drumroll please.....) our theme for the 2012 party is.... A Garden Party.  I'm currently browsing ideas now... so far they include:
  • Cupcake "cake" with these type of wrappers
  • Pinwheels for decorations or cupcakes made out of scrapbook paper
  • Craft session using self-hardening clay for making flowers.. or I'll cut them out with a cookie cutter and the kids can paint them the day of the party.  
  • Decorations using the girls' initials
Lots of fun ideas... sometimes sick days aren't so bad.

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