How we do chores...

With 2 girls, we are committed to training them in how to manage a house.  My mom did a GREAT job of training me how to do things around the house and I am so grateful that I didn't get to marriage without knowing how to make a bed and scrub a sink!  The challenges here of keeping things clean are magnified significantly, so we have to do a lot more cleaning and scrubbing than we ever did living in the States!  Plus there's simple things like, I don't own a vacuum (due to the fact that our floors are concrete) and we have no dishwasher (most people are shocked to learn there is such a thing!).  Our girls get LOTS of practice in cleaning and keeping house here!

Recently I decided to search for a maneageable chore system for the girls that would work for their ages and abilities.  We have a printer, but I didn't want to be constantly printing pages to put stickers on... plus finding stickers here is a bit of a challenge as well.  I am BLESSED to have a Xyron Laminator with me and a wonderful friend who sends me down laminate rolls as often as she can... what a great thing!  So... I came up with this system using several ideas I scrounged off the web.

The system.. chore flip cards, individual jobs, computer "reward" cards
The system consists of the following:

  1. Chore flip cards for each girl in "their color" (Firefly has green, Ladybug has pink)
    • Brush Teeth
    • Brush Hair
    • Get Dressed
    • Make Bed
    • Say Verse
    • Pick a Chore
  2. A pack of individual "jobs" for each girl.  They each have the same cards, but one pack is green for Firefly and one is pink for Ladybug.  These are little things like, put away 3 toys, scrub the bathroom sink, fix shoes in the closet, sweep under the beds.  Just little things they can do which teach them the bigger responsibility of doing chores.  These will increase in difficulty with age and ability.
  3. Computer Time cards.  They LOVE doing games on  We decided to make that a bit of an incentive to get things done in a timely way... no computer time until chores are done.  

The star for when they're done on the back of each chore card.

The last card is a "Pick a Chore"... where they select an individual job card for each day.

The finished product... chore cards hung next to packets of their job cards.
So... this is what we are working on so far.  We've had nearly a full week and so far the chores are going very smoothly and in fact, I have to remind them to only do 1 Pick a Chore each day!  (I would be thrilled except that most of them I need to help with or at least supervise... I have other things to do than do little chores all morning!)
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