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Found this while "blog-hopping" and thought it looked like a fun little 1/2 hour break!  Enjoy!  

Housekeeping A-Z

Aprons – Y/N?
I love aprons.  I want to get a really FUN apron for all of my housekeeping with pockets and a ruffle.  I'd also like a fun, but STURDY apron for my baking sessions.  I have 1 little, thin apron, but it doesn't really work well with 2 kiddos and messy hands!
Baking – Favorite thing to bake?
Bread.  My mom taught me years ago how to make bread, and it continues to be a favorite.  I recently found a new recipe for Three-Grain Peanut Bread that I'm looking forward to trying!  
Clothesline – Y/N?
Yes!  That's the only way I'm able to dry clothes.  Living in South America, for the majority of the year my clothesline is ideal for drying clothes.  Right now though, in our winter, it is VERY damp and cold and the clothes take nearly a WEEK to thoroughly dry on the line.  
Donuts – Ever made them?
No!  But I just might try my hand at it very soon, since I'm trying to "beef up" our breakfasts!
Everyday – One homemaking thing you do everyday?
Making the beds in the morning.  There is just something forgiving about a messy house if the beds are made!  
Freezer – Do you have a separate deep freezer?
No... sometimes with my OAMC recipes and a VERY SMALL freezer I wish I did.  
Garbage Disposal – Y/N?
Nope... my garbage disposal is either the large cat that has taken up residence behind our house, or the local pig farm where we send our food scraps.
Handbook – Y/N?
Sigh... sadly I have tried MANY forms of a Home Notebook... nothing seems to work for me.  I just have a good filing cabinet.  Unorganized, mind you, but a good one.
Ironing – Love it or hate it?
Bleh.  And where we live, people iron EVERYTHING... so after 1.5 years of living here, I finally broke down and bought an iron and ironing board.  
Junk Drawer – Where is it?
I don't have any extra drawers!  In fact, I don't have ANY drawers in my kitchen.  I have a cute basket that sits on the counter that collects EVERYTHING... at least with a junk drawer, you don't SEE it... 
Kitchen – Design and decorating?
Hahaha.  My kitchen is very typical for where we live.  It's got a concrete floor (as does all of my house), green mottled tile with a hunter green border (very 90's) and a teacup tile border behind the sink.  That's about it.  Oh, and orange checked curtains that are the "doors" on the under cabinet shelves.  
Love – What is your favorite part of homemaking?
I am beginning to love cooking... just that I don't have a lot of time for it!  Other than that, I love to keep things neat and clean in the house.
Mop – Y/N?
With concrete floors, our entire house gets mopped nearly every day.  
Nylons – Wash them by hand or in the washer?
Oven – Do you use the window or open it to check?
Open it.  Can't see a thing through the window!!
Pizza – What do you put on yours?
Tomatoes, mozzarella, chicken, pears, oregano, spinach, whatever is in the fridge!
Quiet – What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment?
Get online to check my favorite blogs or read one of the books I've got going right now.  
Recipe card box – Y/N?
No.  Desperately need one!!!  I've got a ziploc bag held on with a magnet on the side of my fridge... that's held up for nearly 2 years since we arrived here!  
Style of house
Small ranch.  We have a large living room/kitchen, tiny office, bathroom, and 3 small-medium bedrooms.  
Tablecloths and napkins – Y/N?
I don't really have any tablecloths, but we use cloth napkins exclusively.  
Under the kitchen sink
cleaning rags, fruit disinfectant, extra dish soap.

Vacuum – How many times a week?
I don't own a vacuum!  I miss vacuuming, that used to be one of my favorite chores...
Wash – How many loads do you do a week?
I try to wash one load a day, considering the amount of time it takes to dry!
X’es – Do you keep a list of things to do and cross them off?
Definitely.  I LIVE with my planner in hand!  With 3 ministries to keep track of, and 2 small children to homeschool, plus my "normal" mom/wife things, I'm a busy girl!
Yard – Who does what?
A wonderful student from our Bible Institute who we are helping th

ZZZ’s – What is your last homemaking task for the day?
Usually, loading the dishwasher.

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