3in30 checkup

As you can see... the blog is going through some changes an overhaul.  I was tired of links not working and needed to update a few things... so we're in a transition week.  I will get the header fixed asap... but it involves an afternoon or so of work, which I may or may NOT have time to do today!

As a goal checkup for week #2 of the month... here's how things are shaping up!

  1. Blog consistently at least once a week: YES!  I was able to do that easily last week while my DH was out on his trip and I had extra time at night (and stayed up WAAAYYY too late)... we'll see how it goes now that he is home and life returns to "normal".  
  2. Plan something for my husband's birthday:  He's NOT a party person, so I opted out of the surprise party... good thing to because he came home this morning from the trip not feeling well and is in bed sleeping.  However, we DID make him his favorite cake (in the fridge), baked gingerbread cookies using the molasses that someone recently sent us (THANK YOU whoever you are!!), and made some fun cards using this example and this one.
  3. Finish reading the current book:  YES!!!  Also something I had more time for while my husband was on his trip... I think I picked good goals for this month's activities!  I actually finished the last 2 books of the series I was reading.  Awesome books for those of you who are L.M. Montgomory fans!! 
So... here we are.  Not too bad for this month so far.  It's encouraging to have goals... but I think next month I'll make them a bit more challenging for myself.  For instance... HOW does one use Microsoft Outlook?!?!??  That's on the list to figure out...

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