3 in 30 for August!

3in30 Challenge
It's hard to believe that we're already into August!  Wow. My goals for July were:

  1. Blog consistently at least once a week... 
  2. Plan something for my husband's birthday...
  3. Finish reading the books I was working on
I was able to accomplish all of those goals!  My husband came home from his trip to the mountains with a bad stomach bug and wasn't able to enjoy his birthday treats until the next day... BUT other than that, the goals went off without a glitch!  

Now on to August...

Goals for August
  1. Get back on track with a schedule... work up a better plan for a day "flow" rather than a ridgid "schedule".
  2. Limit myself to being on the internet only during the morning, lunch break, and after the girls are in bed at night.  IMPOSSIBLE. HARD.
  3. Memorize at least 4 verses (1 a week) using the cards which have been collecting dust for far too long.
How about you?  Want to join in?  Jump over to the 3in30 blog and link up!  

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