God’s Amazing Provision

I have quite a story to tell. 

About a month ago, I visited my doctor for a routine procedure, which turned into a few weeks of various tests and headaches.  The doctor at first thought I needed to have a minor surgery (laproscopic) before we left in order to take care of the issue.  Then after the test results came back he consulted his colleagues and decided the problem was not a big enough issue to need surgery.  Finally, after a few more consults, my doctor did recommend that I have the surgery.  It was a little bit of a roller-coaster, to be sure!  The Lord provided us with a WONDERFUL doctor who did everything in his power to get us the best information to make a wise decision.

However, when we consulted our insurance company about this surgery to find out what our out-of-pocket costs would be, they declined to cover it at all, claiming that it was related to a "pre-existing condition."  My doctor was both frustrated and upset with this turn of events and we all set out to see what could be done to lower our costs with the hospital. 

Miraculously, my doctor said that he would donate his part of the surgery to us!  In his words, "You are doing the Lord's work, and if anyone should get assistance, it's you guys!"  We have no idea if he is a Christian or not, but this was the first of quite a few miracles. 

My doctor went on to say that he was on a mission to go to the hospital and talk with them about what they could do to help us.  A few phone calls later, the hospital committed to cover the surgery for free

Today was my surgery.  There was a chance that the laparoscopic surgery would not be successful and that the next step would involve full abdominal surgery, a MUCH longer recovery time, and other possible complications.  We had a host of people lifting us up in prayer.  God gave my mom the scriptures from 2 Kings 6:1-7 about the story of Elisha and how God made an iron axe head float so that the owner could reach it out of a stream.  Our prayer was that the Lord would cause the issue to be that simple and the doctor could just "reach in" and take care of it. 

It happened just like that.  The surgery was successful, simple, and complete. 

The last words my doctor said to us before he left the recovery room was, "I spoke with the anesthesiologist.  He too is donating his services.  Your surgery is completely free. "

Through all of this, the Lord has been gracious, compassionate, and OH-so good!  The verse He gave me a few days ago was what Moses said to the Israelites while they were standing in front of the Red Sea with Pharaoh's army pursuing them behind.  There was no way out.  There appeared to be no hope.  Moses said, "Don't be afraid. Just stand still and watch the LORD rescue you today."  Exodus 13:14

I stand in awe at what the Lord did for us the past month.  We had NOTHING to do with the result.  We truly sat back and watched Him rescue us with his mighty hand.  And we are amazed. 

Just had to share.