For those of you who like me are true bargain hunters at heart you probably *heart* yard sales!  That was honestly something I was a bit dissapointed about moving here to South America.  I thought, "OH, I'll never be able to shop at Aldi's, Salvation Army's half-price day, yard sales, or craigslist again!"  HAHA!  I was wrong!  Indeed there ARE yard sales here in South America!!!  GIGANTIC ones too!  Only a few times a year we have "remates", or yard sales, but they are fantastic when they happen! 

Yesterday I went to help out at our ministry's remate table selling items to raise funds for our ministry.  I was also able to get a few minutes and look around myself to see what kind of wonderful bargains I could hunt up.  (OH JOY!)  We were blessed to find:
  1. A nearly brand new sleeping bag for Firefly (we're heading off on a ministry trip in a few weeks)
  2. A cute Dora the Explorer camping chair for Ladybug
  3. 5 matching quilted Christmas stockings (ours were left behind for Goodwill as we had no room)
  4. A giant 4X5 foot white board for homeschooling
  5. A BRAND NEW set of shower curtain and matching rug... SO CUTE (picture coming...)
  6. A beautiful tea set for 4 (another thing left behind) for us to use in our Friday Teas
  7. A favorite book "Are You My Mother?"
  8. Ballerina dvd for the girls as they LOVE to dance ballet
What blessings and amazing bargains!!  Total cost for all?  About $28.  My bargain-happy heart is singing with joy! 
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