Well, once again I am embarking on a mission to reorganize myself. A while ago I tried Flylady, which was an AWESOME program... but very overwhelming to start PULS it is completely web-based (daily emails and such) which isn't an option for me here with our sketchy internet.

SO... in one of my daily web-browsing sessions last week I stumbled upon "S.H.E" and was immediately intrigued. Could this work for me?! I think it just might!!! Instead of being web-based it's a system you create for yourself over time... using index cards! What a fabulous idea! Oh, except they don't SELL index cards here except in the really expensive stores, which are no where around where we live. My solution? MAKE MY OWN!!!

So here's what I came up with:
You begin the process by making a B.W.P. (lots of acronyms in this system) or Basic Weekly Plan which gives you a bare bones structure for each day of the week. The ladies of S.H.E. recommend one heavy day of cleaning, one day for desk work, one shopping/errands day, one moderate cleaning day, and one FREE day. I added in a Family Day and a Ministry Day (usually Saturdays right now for us). Obviously, this B.W.P. changes many times... but once you've got it for now, post it up right on your box! (Note: if you can use an actual file box, do so, they don't sell those here either...)

Next you have dividers 1-31 for each day of the month. On the recommendation of Cynthia at OrganizedHome.com I added in days of the week dividers. This keeps me from needing to see the little squinty calendar S.H.E. recommends adding to the box (plus I don't HAVE a box to speak of!).

And here are the actual 1-31 dividers. I know, for instance, that I need to pay certain bills on certain dates. Those index cards are filled accordingly. I also have monthly household tasks that I've filed at the beginning of the weeks (days 1, 8, 15, 22) so I can decide where to put them in my Sun.-Sat. cards once those weeks come during the month.
And lastly are the months of the year dividers. These hold particular seasonal tasks (switching clothing, washing curtains, flipping mattresses) as well as holiday cards. I also added in preparations for our church presentations on furlough (in about 18 months) so we won't be scrambling to get all that done right before we'll need to leave.
I'm still playing with all of the daily cards. I've got a morning routine and an evening routine card... daily tasks like making beds and cleaning the bathroom... but I'm just not sure how it's going to fly with me needing to flip all those cards. I'm wanting it to be like Firefly and Ladybug's workboxes, so maybe I just need to do the best I can now and wait until school kicks in full-swing so I'm in the mode. WE'LL SEE.
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