Sad Day

Have any of you moms ever had an experience like this?  On Friday Firefly was playing outside with one of her friends.  They took out our 2 doll strollers and the 2 dolls (one is Firefly's, one is Ladybug's.... the only baby dolls they have) along with all the accessories that go along with them (diaper bags, bottles, etc.).  Well, to make a long story short, Firefly's baby doll never made it home.  The 2 girls went with another lady on an errand up to the town and I guess in the excitement of going the baby doll never made it home. 

So, of course I have been searching around the campus property all weekend looking for where it might have been left and asking everyone if they have seen it.  Nothing has turned up.  But the sad thing is this, Firefly broke down into tears, I am more upset about it than Firefly is!   This morning I mentioned to her again that I was sorry her doll was gone and she didn't have her to play with anymore.  In true Firefly form, she responded quickly and happily, "But Mommy!  I do have another dolly!" And proceeded to remind me of several of her other toys with which she enjoys playing. 

I think this is a case of Mommy's "dreams" of a happy childhood (or memories of my own) have been projected onto my children.  That's SO easy for me to do!  So often I think that my children can't have a happy or complete childhood without.....  BUT, as I continue to learn here on the mission field there are so many other ways of looking at growing up.... baby doll or no!  I am grateful that my children are "their own little personalities" and that I can help them develop and grow into things that THEY enjoy! 

Firefly happily passed her morning playing with her toy horses and train (I think they were going to Africa?) and never mentioned a word about her baby doll.  I'll take the hint and move on....
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