Easy, Fun Hairstyles

We've been growing our hair out since last year in preparation for the HOT summers here where it's easiest just to put UP the hair. However, a ponytail every single day gets a little old. SO, I've found a link to some awesome easy (less than 10 minutes!) hairstyles that I thought I'd share with you all:

AND I'm so excited! Since the electric is different here I wasn't able to bring any of my curling irons and I have been searching high and low for one here. HOWEVER, to this point I can only find 3/4" barrels (really tiny for my long hair) OR any size flatiron you can think of! Apparantly most ladies here use a flatiron instead. BUT I've never owned a flatiron! I want curls and waves, not poker straight hair! However, I stumbled upon this awesome link (thanks to Authentic Beauty) about how to curl hair with a flatiron! I can't wait to go get one now! YEAY!!!
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