He who began a good work...

God has certainly begun a good work in us as we are continuing to adjust and settle in here. I love watching how He continually guides and provides for us as we learn to work within a new culture and language. Our Spanish is improving daily, although my husband's language abilities have skyrocketed while mine are still seemingly limping along. This will come in time! I'm grateful that he's able to help me out at times and that our coworkers are SO patient! Thank the Lord most people don't mind repeating themselves 3 or 4 times until I get the blank look off my face!

Our mission's campus here also includes a Bible institute with about 35 students this year. I am continually amazed at their testimonies and drive to serve the Lord and learn all they can while they are here. High school here ends at about 16 years of age so many of the students are under 20. They are young and sometimes that shows, but I'm also often amazed at their spiritual maturity. They have seen, heard, and experienced things I NEVER have even at their young ages. God is growing them into bright young men and women who are eager to serve Him!

Every afternoon for the students are "work hours" where they clean the bathrooms, cafeteria, and take care of general maintenance around the campus. We have the privlege and opportunity to help out two of these students with their tuition in exchange for house cleaning and yard work. Paola (Pau-o-la) is a 3rd year student and she comes each day and cleans my house for me. She's SUCH a great girl and I am thrilled with building a relationship with her. She was a "ninera" (nanny) for this past summer and she is fabulous with kids. Our girls love her! We also have "Max" who cuts our grass, trims our hydrangea hedges, weeds, waters (very important here in the desert) and does whatever other little household projects need to be done. He hung up the rods for curtains recently, for example. Firefly, especially, loves to be with Max and follow him around while he does his work. We think he's just great! Paola comes 5 days a week and Max 2 and we are helping them with about 1/2 of their tuition, which amounts to about the cost of a dinner out in the States! But without this option many students would be forced to take time off during the year to work and be able to come back with money for tuition.
In other news, we're seriously looking into our homeschool options for next year and Firefly's Kindergarten year. After all the research and discussion and praying, we still come back to the same curriculum, Sonlight! A great friend of ours who is a Math-U-See distributor graciously gave us the Primer student workbooks and we love the program so we're going to give it a shot for K and go from there. BUT that leaves Sonlight for the rest of the curriculum and we're seriously looking into what we want to do about getting it sooner than later as we'll need to not only purchase it, but GET it here somehow! There are several groups coming down this coming (northern hemisphere) summer (our winter) so perhaps they could bring some things down with them. We'll see!
We're enjoying our time here so much. We continue to pray for God's wisdom and direction as we go through our minsitry training year and understand what we are going to be doing full-time after this year.
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