Workbox Update

Well, we're nearly through a week of preschool using the workboxes. It's a system we're definitely tweaking here and there. For instance, since I'm still taking 4 hours of Spanish tutoring every afternoon and have homework in the evenings I have little to no time to refill for the next day. I've been using the girls' computer time (about 20 minutes) to quickly refill any workboxes (bags) that they've completed so that I have less to do in the evening.

I'm also having to rethink a bit with Ladybug because she really needs hands-on encouragement and instruction for some of her activities. She's not "into" school as Firefly is so oftentimes I'm finding that she's off playing by herself while I'm working with Firefly. That's ok, but I really wanted her to be a part of our preschool morning. I'm going to do some more structure as far as making a defined letter, number, pattern, shape, etc. for the week and emphasize those with her through her activities. Again, using the 2's curriculum from Hubbard's Cuboard will help out with that.

Each morning, we are trying to begin with a Circle Time where we do our Fruit of the Spirit lesson for the day as well as the calendar binder (idea from Hubbard's Cupboard). We sing our days of the week song, our months of the year song and usually a few other favorites. Most of our memory verses have songs that help us to remember them, so we'll often go through 2 or 3 of those as well.

Then the girls dig into their workboxes and whenever one bag is done, they take the number (paperclipped) off the bag and attach it to their number strips. Firefly also takes her completed work (she is required to write her name on each page) and puts it into our plastic envelope to save for later. I have some ideas of what to do with completed work...

We've used Heart of Wisdom's number tags and they've been great! So far, it's been a great week! Hopefully it will get better and better. I'd really like to get a large bulletin board for the weekly letters, numbers, colors, etc. so I can put up a display on the weekend and make it visible all week long.
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