A new "normal"?

Things are continuing to settle down a bit for us.

My husband and I have only 2 more weeks of language classes left! We've both advanced through beginner intermediate, to intermediate, and next week we will begin 2 weeks of an advanced level class where we will focus on using all the grammar and vocabulary we've amassed to really communicate thing like our opinions and thoughts. It should be an interesting 2 weeks.

The girls are settling in more and more and their sleeping routines and schedules seem to have evened out a bit. (We were having an enormous amount of trouble with Ladybug not falling asleep for nearly 2 hours at bedtime.)

I am working hard on getting their workboxes up and running for next week to give it a trial run before we move out to our mission's property at the end of the month. While I don't have all the "necessary" implements encouraged in the workbox system, I modified it a bit to look like the one used by Candace at His Mercy is New (thanks for the great idea!). After joining the Yahoo Worbox group I was offered 2 sets of 2.5 gallon Ziploc bags by a homeschool mom in Missouri! What a blessing! We'll be using these in some 5 gallon totes (pink and purple!) I picked up at our supermarket.

I'll be spending some time this weekend working on a lesson plan for next week's workboxes. I went through my preschool tote (1 of 8 suitcases that came down with us!) and have more ideas of what to do with each of them. I'm going to start a "Birds of insert country where we live " with Ladybug and Firefly using a host of resources from Homeschool Share and 1+1+1=1. Should be fun!
Photo of 1+1+1=1 workboxes
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