A new home...

Right now I'm sitting at our (borrowed) kitchen table typing on the laptop while it is propped up on a book so it doesn't overheat. The temperature in our house is very close to 100 degrees at this time of day but I need to stay inside as the girls are sleeping right now.

On Saturday we packed up our belongings and moved again... this time to a more permanent situation. We have moved out to the property belonging to our mission and will be here for at least the rest of 2010 while my husband goes through ministry training here. We have a lot of training with our global organization, but the country specific groups do things differently in each area, so we need to understand how things work here.

Our home is beautiful and the view from my front door is breathtaking. We have a beautiful, lush green grassy front yard with a hedge of hybiscus flowers in the distance and beyond them are amazing mountains. Wow. While we were driving here we passed an area not too far away that has absolutely nothing growing in it. No grass, no flowers, no trees. I could feel my heart twisting thinking of living in such a place. But I could also feel the Lord calming me and reminding me that He had a "green place" waiting for me and sure enough, in a few minutes I could see trees and grass again! What a beautiful sight that was!
Now I am spending my days working on keeping my family fed and the dust from taking over our home. I'm not sure what my life will look like in a week or a month or even a day, but I do know that this is where I belong right now.
I'm so grateful to Shilo for sharing this with all of us, and I now know a bit of what she is saying. Just a bit, but I'm glad for her encouragement! Read all of Psalm 90 if you get a chance (I've only been able to skim it today) but the very first verse says this, "Lord, through all generations, YOU have been our home!"
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