The last week here...

We've so enjoyed our time at the first stop in our moving. We have been here for 8 weeks now and are completing our last week of language classes. On Saturday we will be moving out about an hour away to our mission's property where we will have a house (YEAY!) and will begin ministry training which will last for this entire year. My heart is thrilled to be with our new friends and coworkers but I am also (of course) apprehensive as I don't know what "life" will look like once we get there. I am trusting that my amazing God has it all in His hands and that I can just focus on my job as a wife and mother knowing that He will take care of all the other details.

We have continued with workboxes this week, although I've had trouble getting everything done in a 24 hour period and there have been days when they weren't ready in the morning. Those days we've just "punted" and not done as many activities. We are focusing on the letter R and the color green and the shape of a heart. Of course, today is convieniently St. Patrick's Day, so we've been doing "green things" all day long!

We began the morning with green milk for breakfast! Then we moved on to making some homemade green playdough, which the girls enjoyed immensly as theirs is getting dried out. Following some reading time we moved on to snack... which was packs of mini m-n-m's (thanks to Grammy in the States!). We separated out all of the green ones while we watched Mr. Rhino (letter R) and the Iguana Song (green).

Finally, we finished out the morning with a Green Hunt for things
around the house that are green and celebrated with style while
we ate Green Eggs and Ham roll-ups for lunch! Yum!

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