Settling In

As we are settling in more and more to our new home the Lord is giving me time to think and breathe (always a good thing!) so that I am a bit more prepared for each day. For example, I was able to menu plan this week for dinners and actually picked up everything I needed at the store for those dinners. Meals here seem to be more simple (rice, beans, potaotes) but as Ladybug refuses to eat any of those things we are challenged a bit to find things for her to eat in the transition period.

I am also working on helping the girls to be a bit more structured as well. Before I left I printed and laminated a TON of things for workboxes and fully intend on using the system with the girls once we are settled in our own home. I have yet to find the actual boxes, but I've seen enough variation with others who are using the system that I am confident I can find something to make it work for us! In the meantime, we are using a much altered system with just a wall chart I created to use with their chores.

Each morning prior to beginning this system Firefly would come out of her bedroom in the morning and ask, "What are we going to do today, Mama?" Now I am able to point her to the wall chart and she is able to decipher what is going to happen throughout the morning. This picture is today's schedule and one of the things is to do laundry. Well, here (right now) that means that we are going to sort and bag up our laundry and walk a block down to the lavanderia (landromat) where the woman who owns it will weigh it, write a receipt, and let me know what time to pick it up. Sorting will allow me to teach the girls about colors and sorting, as well as give them the chance to help me do some of the lighter laundry (napkins and underwear) by hand in our washing bucket.

I'm planning on setting aside some time this coming weekend (when we DON'T have language studies) and using this organizer to get ahead for next week. I made sure I had a whole suitcase full of preschool supplies and activities for the girls as well as for my own teaching purposes come March when I will actually be teaching other children at our mission's property. I decided I needed to open that up and begin using some of it for the girls as they are really needing some structure and schedule right now. Yesterday went well, so we'll see how today's "workboxing" goes!!

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