In our new country!

We have made it here! Hard to believe it, but we've been in South America for a week now. This time last Thursday we were still on the plane, approaching the landing point after an 8 hour flight. Whew... I'm not eager to repeat that trip anytime in the near future... I don't think we'll be going back to the States for at least 2 years.

Firefly and Ladybug have been doing excellently in adjusting and getting used to their new home. We are in a temporary, furnished apartment for 8 weeks while we study the language (Spanish) and then we will move out to the property which our mission owns. We will be living there for the remainder of this year while DH does ministry training and I juggle taking care of the house, the girls, and teaching preschool to our girls plus 2 other missionary children. One of our 8 suitcases was dedicated exclusively to our preschool stuff!

We've not been doing anything formal here as of yet, but I had prepared the Fruit of the Spirit lessons from Monica at Homespun Heart and began the study with the girls last Friday. They are LOVING it and Firefly asks every day, "Can we do more Fruit of the Spirit stuff?"
I can't wait to get into more formal schooling!!! For now, we've been focusing on settling in and adapting to the new language. The girls have been watching "Discovery Kids" down here, which is completely in Spanish. Already Firefly watches something like Dora and answer the questions. I am astounded at the speed of my children's understanding!!! I have to pay for language school for 8 weeks to understand what they'll get from watching children's television and playing at the playground.
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