The countdown begins...

Well, we've received our confirmation email about our visas. The paperwork is sitting in the capital where we're heading, waiting for us to arrive and complete it! We're 85% set up with our 8-week apartment where we'll be living during language school. We're just one short email away from being able to purchase our plane tickets! SO CLOSE!!

How am I feeling at this point? Not really overwhelmed. At least not to the point of being stressed. We have done so much work little by little that at the end there is just a few details to be cared for. I have a host of prayer warriors behind me and I am loving how the Lord is continuing to provide.

Right now, the biggest issue on my mind is a minor physical issue that may require minor surgery at some point. We are fighting with our insurance company who claims it was a "pre-existing condition" and say they won't cover the costs. My doctor is doing everything in his power to help us make a wise and informed decision about whether to delay this until our first furlough or not. My prayer is that the Lord would keep my focus on Him and that this would not be something tha twould hinder my work and ministry because of the "worry" that it would cause in my mind. All I can say is that I definitely see how the enemy is seeking to discourage and distract me in the days and weeks before our departure!

The other day I thought about Firefly and Ladybug and how excited they are over all the "changes" they have seen around our home the past few months. They know something is coming! Firefly talks about our "big move" all the time and asks many questions, all of which I try to stop and answer. We know that she can get very anxious at times and the best way for her to not fear the unknown is to be informed and to see us stay calm!

I decided to make the girls their own "plane tickets" the other day so they could pretend to go on a plane (something which they frequently do anyway.) This was the result:

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