What I did today...

So it was supposed to be an epic snowstorm here in the Northeast today. I'm sure many of you have TONS of snow... but it just doesn't seem to be getting here. We got a dusting! It's snowing again now, but we'll just see how "epic" this turns out to be!

Ladybug and Firefly spent the morning up at Grammy's house, giving me a little extra (and much appreciated!) time to get some serious preschool projects done. I have been meaning to do these for a while now and had the perfect opportunity today. So... here is what I did this morning during our not-so-epic storm!

File Folder Preschool Games!

Animal Match - seeing patterns and colors
DH trying it out... he got them all right!

On The Farm animal and color matching

Cupcake Patterns - ABAB and AABB patterns

How Many Eggs? - Number recognition and counting

Medley Matchups - Fruits and Vegetables

Hot or Cold? - Science and Observation skills

These will be a great help to me as I work on my curriculum for this coming year with Firefly and her new national friend! I'm hoping to incorporate a few things for Ladybug as well since she'll be ready for some TotSchool ideas. My plan is to implement some sort of (workbox?) system with the 2-3 older kids and do the Tot Trays with the 1-2 younger ones. That way we'll be able to keep everyone doing something at the same time! I'm building quite a stash here... thank goodness file folder games are compact and lightweight!

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