A little school in the midst...

What a day it has been! After a crazy morning (we think Firefly blacked out right after she got out of bed, still watching... she seemed to be fine the rest of the day) and 2 hours with the Dish satellite repairman (my in-laws television wasn't working properly) I ran out to get groceries as MY parents are coming next week for a visit between Christmas and New Year's and I had NO other time to shop except Christmas Eve, and that just didn't sound fun.

Somewhere in the midst of the day I had about 45 minutes of "school" with the girls. Well, really we just played and I tried out some of my preschool tools with them. They approved! Here's some pictures of what we did this morning:

Ladybug working with her sorting bears. Right after I took this picture, she put the purple one in the RIGHT cup.
I gave Ladybug and Firefly some cookie cutters and they spooned beads into them to make "pancakes". Ladybug would pick up the cookie cutter and laugh hysterically while the beads ran around her tray.
Pouring the beads from one cup to another with a funnel... endless entertainment!

...and back again!
I gave Ladybug a little pile of blue beads, a little pile of orange beads, and matching pipe cleaners and she strung the right color on the right pipe cleaner... pretty fun!
All in all, they really enjoyed themselves! I also did all the file folder games with them, and Firefly plowed through every one with NO problem... might be finding tougher ones for her... Ladybug is very much hands on with them. She enjoys the matching games though!
We also got some great news about our visas, which are the things we're waiting on to get our final departure date. We had sent off our paperwork and were just waiting for the actual visa (a stamp in your passport.. whoo hoo!) to arrive back in the Consulate here. However, we were told today that things have changed in the past year and we can actually GO ahead and finish the process in the country there. YEAY!
Oh... and I found the recipe I'm going to try this year for Christmas morning sticky buns! YUM! Nothing can improve on my mom's recipe, but she got up at 5 am Christmas morning and I'm just not that dedicated...
** a note: This recipe from a blog I found today through a google search for Sticky Buns. While she has some great recipies, I didn't agree with everything on her site, so please use your own judgment!
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