Go in the strength you have...

I'm studying the story of Gideon right now (Judges 6) and I'm continually struck by his lack of faith and his desire to have it all answered before he moves. Doesn't he know that this is GOD who is talking to him, face to face?!?!

Then it hit me.

I am doing the exact same thing right now.

As we are preparing to move in about 5 weeks to another country I am in the throes of a control attack! I am analyzing every single detail and making sure that every one of my questions is answered... all my bases are covered... and I'm calling it "being prepared and organized."

What is it really?

A lack of trust and faith in the One who is sending me out to do a job I feel is too big for me.

Oh God, help me to back up and see that only You are going to give me the strength and abilities I need to survive day to day. Help me not to trust in the false god of preparation. Help me to see, like Gideon, that You can bring down a huge army with only a handful of men.
**edit** Go to my friend Lisa's blog to read about how God led HER to the story of Gideon right before she left for the mission field!
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