Poo-free Update

So... we are on day #4 of our poo-free challenge. I'm getting a little grossed out with the grease, so we'll see if I last the whole transition period. I have to do a little research to see whether I can ease in a bit more, or if I have to just push through. Perhaps I can just lengthen the time between washings... or use a different type of shampoo until I can go "cold-turkey".

I rinsed my hair yesterday morning and dried it. Not too bad. This morning I rinsed it and then tried the baking soda cleaning method for the first time. I didn't notice a difference...

For the moment, I am using these hairstyle ideas to keep down on the slicked-back ponytail look. (Thanks to Joy at The Stay-at-Home Missionary for linking me here!)

Some people asked me why we're trying to do this? Can't we get shampoo where we are going?! Haha... of course! Here are a few reasons why others have done this:
  1. Shampoo is a detergent, just like dish washing soap and laundry detergent. It works by stripping away any dirt that is present in the hair, but also strips away the natural oils that keep hair soft and strong.
  2. Shampoo has tons of other chemicals. We try not to use a lot of unnatural things in our house, even to clean. We use vinegar and hot water as much as possible. Why would we want to constantly put these chemicals on our bodies?
  3. Shampoo is basically an unnecessary cost. If there is anything I am excited about, it is this! I am all about being frugal and saving money. If we can return our hair to its natural state and simply care for it with baking soda and vinegar, there's tons of money saved! Not only will we save on shampoo, we'll save on all the other "products" necessary to manage hair that is artificially kept.

So... we're giving this a shot. We'll see how it goes! DH is doing just fine with his super short (and super handsome!) haircut. I'm plugging along with my longer hair. :-)

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