I've been slowly working on a few changes to our family's daily routines and habits. DH and I have significantly limited our television watching. We have about 2 shows a week we watch and then perhaps one other evening when we'd just like to relax a bit. The other evenings we are working on (imagine this) just talking or reading some of the many books that pile up around the house that we fully intend to read someday. The girls only watch 1/2 hour of television (PBS or a DVD) a day, if at all. Since they're still so young, there are days when I just need 20 minutes to get something done and that's usually when I choose to turn on Curious George or Veggie Tales.

Next, we've been working on our personal routines and habits. We've switched to completely cloth in the kitchen with napkins and "un-paper towels" instead of paper. I even use my rags when I need to drain grease from the ground beef or bacon. Works great!

On a personal note, I've also been doing simple things like, not feeling like I have to shower every single day... except for days that I have a super-sweaty workout, it's just not necessary. My skin gets so dry in the fall and winter, and this helps! I'm also now washing my face with honey alone and I've noticed a big difference with the way my skin reacts on a week-to-week basis. I'm also going to attempt the OCM (oil-cleansing-method) as soon as I can get my hands on some castor oil.

Next step in our "changes" will be going "poo-free"! "What?!" you may ask. Shampoo free, that is! I talked to DH about it last night and he is pumped to try it out! I gave him a haircut this morning so it would be shorter for the "transition period". I, of course, don't have this option, so we'll see how it goes for me. DH suggested that I wait until we move so I don't feel so awkward. I also read a blog yesterday of a mom who went to natural shampoo, which allows you to go longer between washings, and slowly worked her way down to no shampoo at all. We'll see... more to come on that!

So... all these things are on the plate to give a little change-up to our normal. Stay tuned for updates and how-tos!
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