Yard Sale

Well, the yard sale is officially OVER. The Lord was so gracious and allowed us to sell SO MUCH STUFF! I laugh when I say that because my mom asked me if our house felt empty... and truth be told, it doesn't look much different! Where did those 2 van-fulls of things come from!? Wherever it came from, I am grateful that those things are in SOMEONE ELSE'S home tonight and not in mine to be cleaned and sorted ANYMORE.
This has honestly been my favorite part of the preparation process so far. I cannot stress enough the freedom that comes from giving up everything unnecessary and learning to live so much more simply. It's incredible how all the "trappings" of life come in subtle and stealty ways, even when we try to avoid them. My husband and I have always wanted to stay away from being bogged down by "stuff" and we've made a lot of choices in that direction... but we still have collected a ton over the 4 1/2 years we've been married! What is left in our house is either "junk" that we use but would never give away or sell, things that are already "given away" to family and friends, and the things we still need to live with on a daily basis.
I need to get some sleep tonight... organizing and running a yard sale is exhausting!!
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