With my husband being gone we're working on having plenty of activities to do throughout the day. This morning, we went to church to worship together and had a wonderful morning. Our pastor is speaking on stewardship and we are reading The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn. I highly recommend it. We were to read the first 2 chapters for this Sunday and I am already learning amazing truths from the Scripture this author opens up.

After we had our Sunday afternoon rest time (Mommy too!) we enjoyed some time outdoors in the fresh air. The girls LOVE being outside and looking for things in nature. It's so funny how the Lord is changing my heart towards "nature". All my life I've prefered to be indoors when it came to playing. Now I love being out with the girls looking for little treasures of bugs or birds and going on our nature walks. (Can anyone say, Charlotte Mason?) Here is a picture of Ladybug enjoying the flowers around Grammy's house:

How about YOU? When was the last time you got outside and looked around at all the little treasures of our Creator?
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