Making Homemade Yogurt

I'm making yogurt in my crockpot tonight. This is something we've been tampering with for a while. My husband tried a few times very successfully making it in the oven. I tried it a few times in a cooler, not so successfully... then I found this method and it's worked GREAT! The original recipe calls for 8 cups of milk, but I cut that in half as I had to freeze 1/2 the batch and it didn't turn out so well once thawed.

  1. Put 4 C. milk into the crock pot. (I have a larger crock pot, 6 qts. and it turns out fine. I use a mixture of whole milk and reconstituted powerdered milk)

  2. Turn it on Low for 2.5 hours.

  3. Turn it off and leave it alone for 3 hours

  4. Take out about 1 cup of the warm milk and mix it with 1/4 C. of plain yogurt. (You'll have to buy a small container for your first batch, but can easily use your homemade yogurt from then on).

  5. Pour the milk/yogurt mixture back into the crock pot. Turn off (and unplug) the crock pot.

  6. Wrap the crock pot with a large bathtowel for insulation and leave it to culture for at least 8 hours.

I begin this process before dinner and let it culture overnight. By the time I wake up it is ready to put into a container before breakfast. My girls love this with a little bit of honey and fresh fruit or granola. It's SOOO good! And SOOO easy!

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