Homeward Bound

My husband will be home tomorrow! The past 10+ days have been just the girls and I at home while he was away support raising. The Lord is so good and has kept me sane and given me TONS of help from family and friends. We've eaten out more times in the past week than in the past year combined, but the girls had a great time doing it!

This morning we spent time getting groceries after my Spanish lesson and headed home to get a nap before dinner.
I'm planning on making my first quiche for dinner... hopefully they eat it! They haven't been eating much of anything these past 2 weeks other than pasta and fruit. I try for variety, but it doesn't seem to go over well.

Tomorrow's activities include the following:
  1. Cleaning the bathroom
  2. De-cluttering the house
  3. Washing the kitchen floor
  4. Dusting
  5. Making a turkey breast with yams and rice for dinner (DH's welcome home meal!)

I will get back to the Cloth Diapering Series very soon. I could only handle so much last week and we kept really busy doing lots of fun things with friends to make the time go faster. Tomorrow will be an even busier day! Enjoy the fall weather.

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