Cloth Diapering - A Series

Yes, I am "one of those moms". I cloth diaper my little "Ladybug" and we've been going strong since she was 5 months old. I only wish I would have done it with Firefly as well... when I think of all that money and trash I used up on her disposables. Wow.

I'm not here to tell you that you're a bad person if you use good 'ol "sposies" (lingo from the CD [cloth diapering] world). I would like to put up a few posts throughout the next few weeks regarding all the research and information I gleaned from the beginning when I was looking into the possibilities. I know I have a few mom-to-be friends who are considering cloth and I'd want to be able to direct them somewhere for a one-stop-shopping of terms and education!

So... I'm going to assume you're already looking into it and want to know more. I'll cover these topics in the next few weeks and you can let me know if there is other information you'd like to hear about.
  1. Pros and Cons of cloth - $$ issues, water/trash debate, potty training, etc.

  2. Types of diapers to choose from - PFs, AIO, AI2, Wool, Fleece, PUL, Fitted, snappis... you'll be an expert at those terms by the time we're through! Haha!

  3. Care and washing

  4. Brand reviews

I'll think of more, I'm sure. I tend to be wordy, so I may have to break up some of those topics into bite-sized chunks! This will be mostly my opinion and expertise talking... and I'll direct you to other websites when I feel they can say it better!

Stick around for more cloth fun! I'll put up the first post as soon as I can get my thoughts organized!

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